Trusty Owl Studio Healing Sessions


Trusty Owl Studio is a collaborative piece of work hand built by my father Milo, my mother Victoria, my son Leonardo, myself, and a handful of helpers throughout the process. The studio was dreamt of, talked about, thought about and sketched out for many years. The sketches would transform and mold to fit personal realizations, experiences, and dreams. My father made changes to the sketches accordingly- based on the clarity of my vision & intention. If it wasn't quite how I saw it, he patiently erased and recreated the shapes until it was--exactly--how I saw it (or felt it.) Finally, it was ready to build.

The building stages were both metaphorically and physically creating a center for transformation. My father spent a lot of time teaching my son to build with his hands and telling stories from "the olden days." I was coming out of a divorce and the major flood of 2013 in Boulder; building this studio together slowly healed and mended with simple moments. Moments of laughter, memories, stories, and songs fell between each rock cementing in place our past, present, and future.

The Fireplace:

The fireplace is the heart of our tiny castle. It reflects constancy, a center that is immovable and therefore provides a place for gatherings, storytelling, introspection, restoration, contemplation, creating and connecting with the creative muses. The goddess and muse "Brigid" links us to the many faces of fire -- wisdom, craftsmanship, poetry, refining of skills, and achieving mastery or eloquence of expression. The intention of this expression is alive in the rock and in the fire. Fire has been widely used for thousands of years to heal, create, sustain, and destroy. It creates a sense of sustenance and nourishment, especially of our spiritual natures. When we have been "out in the cold," the fireplace draws us into a welcoming and homely environment where family & creativity bind us.


Trusty Owl Studio is an eco-friendly tiny castle built with green materials.


*Green E-board

*American Clay walls

* upcycled glass windows

* beetle kill wood

* recycled rubber tires for "slate" roof

This is paper graphic.




Jessica Trusty

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