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The spark of inspiration for "Find Your Pause" began in 2010 when my child Leo was born. An immediate shift took place around my relationship with time. I felt a heightened awareness to my own lack of time and others seemed to have fast-disjointed-communication and living. It became apparent to me that the changes I needed to make were going to shatter the foundation of beliefs and illusions that held certain relationships in place.  I found myself awake at night asking many questions.  "What is *my* definition of wealth? Is 'time' inside myself or something running me? Who designed this blueprint that I am living in? What good is money if I am time poor?"


Echoes of what I "should" be as a wife and mother did not resonate. I wanted to mother in a way that flew so far forward it landed as ancient. Much of our mainstream society structures didn't align for me and I didn't want to mold to fit. The rushed pace around me felt disconnected and robotic. I began asking for guidance- praying for direction. Direction usually makes itself known through many days of synchronicities; often occurring in symbols, numbers, dreams, animal visits, and songs. The song "We Are The Tide" by Blind Pilot began to show up. That particular message came through simple words posed as a question; A question that I had to hear with exactly that voice, at exactly that time, and with exactly that melody. He asked, 'Oh! What do you need? What do you need?' In that stripped-down moment, I knew the answer was way less "stuff" and way more connection. I began to realize that time is not my owner and by changing my lifestyle I could free myself. I knew most of what I balanced on was an illusion of success....someone else's illusion of success. I wanted something real.


>>> Fast forward seven years and much more purpose, meaningful connections, creativity, and nature fill my space. It's taken me time to question thoughts/beliefs and undo much of the pollution constantly delivered through media and many outside sources. I need a daily practice in order to hear my inner compass. "Find your Pause" is that practice. It reminds me to center and acknowledge the wealth of simple moments; that sip of tea, sitting by the fire, listening to my child read. It is an ongoing undoing, un-learning, rewilding experience--creating new structures but also hanging onto what has held up and been passed through family traditions. In my family there has always been this practice of pausing.....listen...soak still.... To "pause" is to be comfortable with the polarities of our world and accept the construction and destruction inside and out.


"Find Your Pause" is a holistic methodology used to create art/music/dance/writing (all creative expression) that directly aligns with one's unique set of values. Each soul steers the ship of creation- no two alike. While our culture tends to teach methods of "one size fits all," many Ancient civilizations demonstrated otherwise. In the past, conscious creative work had a massive impact and was "slow" which does not necessarily mean the speed at which something is done, but the level of intention, attention, ritual and meaning involved. It means consciously setting a pace that is in tune with the rhythms of nature and without compromising integrity and connection. When we "PAUSE" we connect to people, to ourselves, our family, our community, our land, our homes, and all that is alive within and around us. Creating a space for connections simultaneously speaks on behalf of nature's undivided whole. By invoking ancient traditions and using them in modern day scenarios, we honor the "slow" creative consciousness that has prevailed for over 30,000 years. These traditions are born from a clear understanding of the universal laws; 0ne being the Law of Gratitude. When being in a state of gratitude, we mentor our children (and our peers) that "success" is rendered by being aligned with one's innermost compass and that following only that voice is detrimental to the wellbeing of ourselves and our planet.

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Jessica Trusty

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