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Artist Statement 

spread your fingers across

they know what to create

not to be careful

use anything

sometimes it's thick mud

sometimes a hum

either one will work

both equally rich 

they stick around until you agree 

one is not better than the other



Jessica Trusty (b.1976)
Collection: Tick Tock and the Seeds of Yesteryear


 Tick tock refers to time. The seeds of yesteryear refers to the way things used to be, how they were made, mostly by hand, and what worked well in the past when cultures and communities were more connected. This exhibition focuses on promoting the protection of those seeds of yesteryear and nurturing them while also encouraging all of us to create the temporal space to address the issue of ‘time poverty.’ I believe that one way to address the time poverty issue is to restore and create situations of connection making. This desire for connectedness is not new. Traditionally, in times past, many people demonstrated lives of inner and outer integration and valued the earth by not overusing. 


 I like the ideology behind the Slow Movement. My version is called ‘Find Your Pause.’ In simple terms, it is to acknowledge the vastness of a single pending moment. Truly pausing, witnessing the lapse of time and letting that be enough. Any particular instance can be the best instance. I think it is important to recognize that we have lost bits of soul in our rush for progress. I believe there is still time to send a handwritten letter, time to reflect on a meaningful conversation and time to gift a token of gratitude. If we can pause long enough to let what is simple breath, we re-invent what has already passed. We all have the choice to surround ourselves with words and materials that advocate purpose, dreams, intention, meaning, and creativity; a combination that makes the slightest passing moment resonate. My art is created by finding my own pause and stepping aside so that the voice of something greater can share its story. The way that I unravel the stories & symbols is by asking many questions. I encourage the viewer to pause... ask questions to the artwork... then turn down the judge and listen to what story presents itself from each piece.


   I was born and raised in rural North Dakota. My family valued the lessons that come with travel and embraced the idea of wandering. My father is an artist and often traveled to paint murals and took the family along. All of my works particularly reflect the childhood influence of traveling through the Southwest U.S. as well as the time spent learning about Native American culture and spirituality. My family eventually settled in Colorado where I continued my schooling. I now reside and create art in Boulder, Colorado. I exhibit in galleries and pop-up exhibitions throughout North America. All of my art embodies the principles of ‘finding your pause’ and also has the intention of keeping the tradition of story telling alive. 




Jessica Trusty





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Jessica Trusty



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