Trusty Owl Studio Healing Sessions


Herbology, Flower Essence, and Essential Oil sessions

Integrative Nutrition 

Demartini Method

Dr. John Demartini has traveled all over the world & dedicated his life to researching in depth physics, astronomy, cosmology, mathematics, chemistry, theology, metaphysics, psychology, and neurology >>> all leading to discovery of The Demartini Method. 

The Demartini Method is partially a sub-discipline of physics called quantum physics. It defines the concept of light particles and waves, collapsing wave functions, and the generation and annihilation of particles. Quantum physics states that when charged particles of matter and their complementary opposite antiparticles of antimatter collide--light emerges. Demartini transferred this information into emotional states and discovered that when two charged, yet complementary opposite emotional states were to be united, enlightenment could emerge. This is the very concept of The Demartini Method. In this method the core understanding is that the nature of true science and true religion are both the same and that they are united by light.

Facilitating one session for the Demartini Method usually takes 1-2 hours.


Shamanic Sessions:

When we open the doorway to other realms, the parts of reality we don't see, hear, feel or touch with our traditional five senses, universal experiences are available. In these invisible realities, we communicate without speaking, and guidance is more straightforward and easier to discern. Rather than trying to cure a symptom, which is the tradition of Western allopathic medicine, shamanic practices look at the whole system and track the symptom to its source. Shamanic traditions teach that all illness has a spiritual origin, which may stem from a trauma that has been stored in the body; passed along from generations in cellular memory from our parents and our ancestors. Sometimes, if left unattended, emotional "dis-ease" develops into a chronic emotional, mental or physical condition. Shamanic healing is thought to be one of the oldest healing practices, stretching back thousands of years and linking to indigenous cultures across the globe. Primarily an energy-based therapy, shamanism is rooted in the belief that everything has an energy and that, sometimes, work needs to be done to bring things back into balance.

*Reminder: Some shamanic practices use plant medicine. However, our one on one sessions are rooted in traditions guided only by drumming & meditation.




A creative, integrative period occurs after our session when colors and materials solidifies the shifts that take place. Through the creative process messages encoded with synchronicity alchemically transform what is seemingly opaque energy into realizations, we can steer into motion. When creating from our wounds (and from our joys), we heal consciousness on a greater plane. The archetype of the person healing their wounds is intimately related to the archetype of the artist. Both able to translate and express their experiences, revealing (and simultaneously transforming), the deeper archetypal energies operating within both their psyche, as well as the collective unconscious of humanity. When our wounds transform at the cellular level, they no longer run us. We become aware of what we are "up to" subconsciously, therefore removing any perceived blocks hindering us from our greatest potential. 
*Reminder: The creative process is catered to the individual in order to kinetically integrate. 

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